Speed Work Saturday!

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I had originally planned to do a trail run this morning, but an emergency vet visit threw a wrench in that plan. Good think we took him in, because Cecil ended up having pancreatitis. He’s now on an IV drip and being watched over night. The vet says we caught it really early and it looks like he’ll be home tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!

Since we were pressed on time, we decided to swap out a longer trail run with speed work. Now I’ll admit, I’m still learning about speed work and make it up as I go along. Here is what today’s workout entailed:

  • 3/4mi jog to a neighborhood school track.
  • 4 laps (1mi) strides. I up my speed to a challenging yet not all-out pace for the straights and jog the curves to recover.
  • 5 x 50m sprints. I’m approximating the distance here. It’s about half of one of the straights. This is a full-out, as fast as you can go sprint. I walk back in between sets to recover.
  • 3/4mi jog back home.

Door to door, this workout took me 34 minutes. Total distance was probably 3 miles or so. I don’t stress about total distance in my speed workouts, but focus on the quality of the intervals. Got to get that heart rate up!

So that was my workout. I try to do speed work once a week to mix things up. I think it’s helpful in pushing the boundaries and increasing my speed.

What about you, do you train for speed? What is your favorite speed workout?